I can't find the words!

You know so much about what you do, but putting into words what you need to convey is often tricky.

We can help . Tell us, in a telephone call or with some notes, what you are trying to say. We’ll come up with a style, tone of voice and a way of structuring the information that is clear and inviting to read.

We’ll put the whole text together and make sure you are totally happy with how it reads before we put it up on the site.

Remember, the text is going to be up there all the time, so what you say needs to convey the right messages.

Picture this...

The most appealing and readable websites aren’t those with lots of written detail. The best are a combination of key information and eye catching images. A good image can grab attention and can add extra emphasis to the message you are giving.

We can advise and guide you in the use of pictures, photos and graphics. You may have images of your own that you want to use or you may be thinking about having some photographs taken of your business or activity.

Sometimes you may be looking for a striking image that would be impossible to shoot – a wild animal, a jet in flight, a cloud formation –that would underpin and emphasise your message.

We can help you find the perfect image, from whatever source. We have accounts with some of the world’s largest on-line picture libraries that can provide the most spectacular images.

We will also ensure that all the images used are tailored, enhanced and optimised for web use so that they can be viewed clearly and quickly when your site is visited.
Your ten central package includes design of six pages of your choice, more can be added.
Your ten central package includes design of six pages, quarterly updates, SEO for Google, analytics, hosting and email.

What do you need to provide, and how does it work?

As much or as little as you want, we'll soon have you up and running!

If you know what you want, and have a logo, the words that you want to use, photos and graphics then let us have them, along with any instructions or requests and we'll do the rest!

Just give us your service provider's details so that we can upload the finished site and then you're up and running!

Or if you're not sure what you need and would like to talk to one of our design team for some help, simply fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you.

We will then produce a single page design to show you how your site will look. We can make changes at this stage should you want to and you are still not obliged to proceed and there is no cost to you.

Once you're happy with the design we will then produce the full working site and notify you when it's ready to view before it goes live. When you're completely happy with your site, we will give you a 'go live' date.

At this point you will need to pay one month's fee deposit and one month in advance, plus any additional costs such as domain registration, logo design, copywriting or picture sourcing. When we have received the money your site will be live for the world to see.

You can terminate your agreement with us at any time, simply by giving one month's notice. You can cancel your payments at this point as your notice period is covered by the deposit.

Should you fail to make a payment we will give you one month's notice (again covered by the deposit) that we will terminate your site.

need help?

We’re here to help and would love to hear from you, there's no obligation to proceed, please use the form on the contact page. If you would like to talk about your website please include your number and we’ll get back to you, thanks Kevin.
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